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The Kazoo can be described as a small musical instrument often made of a hollow pipe with holes in it that produce unique and at times zany sounds. Did you know that America's only full-time Kazoo Factory is located in South Carolina and that its long history comes back to the South.  This Friday Feature offers Stephen Murray, President of the Kazoo Factory, located in Beaufort.  You'll also here from some well known artists who have blown on the Kazoo in their music.  The on-air version aired January 26th.

More To The Story: SC Bus Crisis Update

Feb 2, 2018

Paul Hyde, Education Writer, with the Greenville News joined WNCW during this More to the Story edition from January 24, 2018 to go over his series of reports on the on-going bus crisis effecting South Carolina schools, including the upstate.  The age of some buses and their mechanical issues are of note.

Posted by Host and Producer of More to the Story, Paul Foster - WNCW Senior Producer, News Director, and NPR Morning Edition Regional Host

WNCW Host Martin Anderson
Photo by Vicki Dameron

In this show we play some heavy hitting favorites, with western NC’s Steep Canyon Rangers showing up in the playlist, and a new and decidedly different approach from The Decemberists, plus one of our favorite Americana bands from Brooklyn, with a new single from Yarn. We’ll also get to some nifty jazz and violin tunes as well as feature an up and coming old time band from the high country here in the old north state.

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Living Web Farms of the Hendersonville region and Representative Daniel Hettinger was guest of this 'Friday Feature Interview of the Week' to discuss the farms mission to take care of the land, grow and produce healthy foods, and extend a helping hand to citizens.  That helping hand includes a new event called The Western North Carolina (WNC) Repair Cafe.  Check out this podcast for all the details.  This edition originally aired on January 19, 2018.