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More to the Story - Latest News from McDowell Co.

Jun 14, 2018

Reporter Mike Conley of the McDowell News was guest of this edition of More to the Story in late May going over some of the most recent government news in his county.

Posted by Host and Producer of More to the Story, Paul Foster- WNCW Senior Producer, News Director, and Regional Host of NPR's Morning Edition

Image of the giant rock known as Chimney Rock. Lake Lure is in the background
Vicki Dameron

It makes sense that when your family owned and operated one of North Carolinas most scenic wonders for over 100-years, Chimney Rock Park, that you would be the perfect one to write a book about it.  Former Park Owner, Todd Morse, is responsible for the book, 'For the Love of Chimney Rock: Four Generations of Morse Family Stewardship.' During this Friday Feature from May 25, 2018 - Morse goes over history, the park, and his family's role... all captured in the book.

Image of tall skyscraper in downtown Charlotte, NC
Vicki Dameron

The latest in Economic Development and Business for Charlotte was presented during this segment of More To The Story, when WNCW interviewed Observer Business Reporter- Ely Portillo.  Ely covered details of a possible first 1,000-room hotel for the Queen City, how a normal parking deck was transformed in to a work of art, and neighbors concerns over a controversial tower in a section of the city.  The interview originally aired May 23, 2018.