Tell Us Why WNCW Is Important To You

Tell your story of how you started listening to WNCW and why y0u keep on tuning into the station.  Are you a long-time listener or a new listener? 

Let us know why WNCW is important to you.  Email Stephanie at .


Why Listeners Tune In
3:24 pm
Mon June 25, 2012

Living And Working To The Music and News On WNCW

As a loyal member for many years, I listen all day at work and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. 

In 1989 my husband climbed on top of our two story bike shop building to put up an antenna just to hear WNCW all day.  We also raised 3 kids on WNCW.  Two live in West Asheville, one is a musician in Florida, and all three have great taste in music. 

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Why Listeners Tune In
1:00 pm
Fri June 15, 2012

How BJ Leiderman First Tuned Into WNCW...And Why He Is Still Listening

I was traveling to Asheville to visit my old summer camp in Hendersonville. I was tuning through the FM dial when I stopped at a song that blew my mind and that I thought sounded very Beatlesque.

When I heard your station break I was stunned I was getting an Asheville station, as I had just recently crossed over the Virginia-North Carolina line. Turns out I was getting the feed from one of your repeater antennas! Very cool!

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Why Listeners Tune In
12:54 pm
Mon June 11, 2012

Susan's Story Of Why She Tunes Into WNCW

In the mid 1980's I received a survey in the mail about public radio and if I thought it would be a welcomed addition to local radio. It asked my musical tastes, news interests etc. I was very excited about the prospect of local public radio. There was a great music scene developing in the area and the timing was perfect. Several months passed, maybe a year?? and then one day I found it! WNCW was on the air!! I think I saw something in the paper about it so I caught it on it's first week and it's been at the #1 station on my dial ever since.

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4:44 pm
Thu May 24, 2012

WNCW Is My Constant Companion...

Photo Courtesy of Mark Johnson

Whether I am traveling for work out of state (and listening via the iPhone app or streaming from my Macbook in the hotel) or working from the home office, WNCW is always playing at some point during the day.  I have been exposed to such a diverse palate of music because of WNCW.  I would bet a third of my CD collection and electronic tunes are a direct result of hearing it on WNCW first. 

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