Keep WNCW Going Strong In 2018

Dec 14, 2017

This holiday season we hope you will consider supporting WNCW, your grassroots radio station.  Your first time contribution or additional gift will make the station strong for 2018. There are many ways to contribute:

Vicki Dameron

Donating to WNCW will soon be easier than ever.  We have received several requests from donors to offer a sustaining member program, so we will soon offer a way for you to set up a monthly donation to the station directly through  If you want to be the first to know about the upcoming Sustaining Patron Member Program, please click here to sign up for an email notification!

Tell Us Why You Tune In

Feb 21, 2014
WNCW on the radio dial
Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Webb

How long have you listened to WNCW?  Are you new to the station or have you been listening for years?  We want you to tell us why you keep your radio dial tuned to WNCW. 

E-mail Stephanie Webb at and share your story. Include a photo if you would like it included with your story!

Jonathan Putman
Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Putman

I grew up in Spartanburg so Appalachia is in my blood. I first discovered WNCW while going to school in Clemson. I just found it by chance while flipping through stations. I've been in love ever since. I really can’t listen to any other radio station. Only WNCW understands my musical needs. In 2006 I moved to Seattle where I got an office job, and while I despise sitting behind a desk, on the bright side I am able to listen to you guys every day. Specifically, I make sure I catch Roland from noon to 3pm west coast time (3-6 EST).

When I moved to Morganton, NC, in May 1993, I had never heard of Public Radio. My uncle turned on Car Talk the first Saturday I was there and said, "these guys are great"!  Before long, I was playing it at work and the folks would always comment on, "what's Edward playing on NPR now?". But, nearly everyday they would find something they liked or were at least amused by. I bought a FM only Walkman and was soon waking up with Wanda Lu and the ARC crowd every weekday morning during my morning dog walk. Of course, I became a contributor and even got a couple of those chain sawed bears!