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Studio B is where the live music happens. Under the supervision of WNCW's own golden-eared audio engineer, Dennis Jones, Studio B is the stations state-of-the-art recording facility that hosts regional, national and international artists. WNCW broadcasts performances and interviews live on just about any given day. Some of the finest tracks captured in Studio B find their way to WNCW's self-produced Crowd Around the Mic CDs.

You can watch segments from live Studio B sessions at our new You Tube channel. Check out for performances by Hayes Carll, The Billy Sea, Slaid Cleaves, Erin McKeown and more! Click here to watch the videos.
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Live Thursday the 1st at 3pm: E.M.E.F.E.

Apr 25, 2014

Formed in NYC by the drummer for Afrobeat band Antibalas, EMEFE's full band consists of a four-piece horn section, a drummer, a bassist, two guitarists, two percussionists, and a keyboardist.  More descriptive though is EMEFE's motto: "Music Frees All".  The band hopes to spread awareness of the healing power of music, dancing, and smiling.  This is going to be a hot live session as the band visits us on their way to their Black Mountain show.

Live Thursday the 24th at 11am: HOLLY WILLIAMS

Apr 18, 2014

She may be the daughter of Hank Jr. and grand-daughter of Hank Sr., but Holly Williams' songs on her latest album revolve mostly around her mother's side of the family -- though with a lot of the same themes found throughout the country and Americana music her paternal side is famous for: love, loss, conflict, desire, addiction...  We are honored to welcome her to Studio B on her way to Merlefest for a Thursday evening set before heading to California, then back to our area for shows in Charlotte and Greenville in May.

Live on Tuesday the 15th at 12: THE ZOMBIES!

Apr 11, 2014

There are a number of surprising and/or mystifying stories surrounding The Zombies.  One is that their most recognized hits did not really get recognized as hits until well after they were released; in fact their biggest hit, "Time of the Season", was not released until after they had broken up.  There's the story of how the constraints and shortfalls surrounding the creation of their 1968 finale Odessey & Oracle in fact helped it become the psychedelic-pop masterpiece that it is considered today.  Then there's the equally unbelievable fact that we get to host keyboardist/songw

Live Friday the 18th at 1pm: ZANSA

Apr 11, 2014

Zansa is a slang word from the Ivory Coast meaning "combination" or "blend". The Asheville musicians are fronted by Adama Dembele, a 33rd generation West African musician who moved to the area and formed the band in 2005.  They return to Studio B before heading to their Friday night show in Asheville, and this time they'll be joined by guitarist Moussa Kone (who tours with Affou Keita). 

Live Thursday the 10th at 12: STEEP CANYON RANGERS

Apr 4, 2014

We are delighted to welcome the Rangers back to Studio B, this time before they head to UNC-Asheville's first ever Arts Fest (April 10-13) for a Thursday night performance.  And this time, mandolinist Mike Guggino gets the spotlight, as he receives an Arts Achievement Award from his alma mater!  The band has been busy this year, with all the buzz over their 2013 album Tell the Ones I Love (from the likes of The Gra