I did not know until after I spoke with J.T. Lundy, author of 'Happy Utopia Day, Joe McCarthy', that this is his first book.  I also did not know that I was his first interview.  You couldn't tell it by me - as they say.

J.T. Lundy has written a book that is humorous and scary, contains enough truth in it to keep you wondering if it might not all be true, and is a really fun read.  It doesn't contain profane language or bloody, gory scenes, or any 'adult situations' to speak of.

On North Carolina's all-important primary day, it's a conversation with a highly acclaimed, Manhattan-based acting coach about her new book, "Acting Lions."  Templeton helps us to have fun with politics by discussing some lessons that prominent politicians could use that might help them to perform better on the election trail, and help voters tell whether our politicians are being honest with us.  Go to http://pennytempletonstudio.com to download a free chapter of Acting Lions.