Is your child a picky eater...have a lot of tummy aches...or ear aches...or can't sleep...or has ADD...or just temper tantrums?  As parents, most of us have grown up with the idea that no matter what the problem, you take your child to the pediatrician or family physician and it will be diagnosed and fixed with a pill.

Kelly Dorfman, MS, LND, has a better idea...Why not check to see if the problem might be as simple as a food allergy? 

ASAP's Farm to School Program is a part of a national program, which began as a way to connect local farmers and local schools by getting students involved in not only learning about where food comes from, but also introducing them to the taste and importance of fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet.


Emily Jackson, Executive Director of ASAP's Farm to School Program talks about the program and how to get your school involved.


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The YMCA of Western North Carolina will host Healthy Kids Day on Saturday, April 14th.  Morgan Neely and Virginia Maziarka of the Asheville YMCA will talk about this national day of fun for kids and parents to focus on healthy activities and healthier habits to make being healthy a natural part of everyday life for everyone. For details go to