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It was recently announced that two of North Carolinas largest hospital systems, Carolina Healthcare and UNC Healthcare were joining forces.  Hospital officials say this will be beneficial to the public and help drop costs, while experts say that consolidation almost always means that prices increase. Charlotte Observer Reporter Ames Alexander has written about this new development and talks all about it on this More to the Story from September 13, 2017.

Writer/Reporter Mike Ellis of the Greenville News was guest on this segment of 'More to the Story', when he discussed a confederate monument issue in Greenville. On a recent Saturday, protestors, both those opposed and supporters of this monument raised their voices during a rally event.  Learn about the monuments history and why its offensive to some groups during this discussion with segment host Paul Foster.  Original air date was August 30, 2017.

More To The Story: Update on Asheville Housing Mkt.

Aug 28, 2017
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Asheville Citizen-Times Reporter- John Boyle was guest of this WNCW 'More to the Story', as he went over the latest news in the always interesting Asheville housing market.  A high demand for a place to live with limited options and high prices seems to be the norm now.  This segment originally aired on August 23, 2017.

Posted by Host and Producer of More To The Story, Paul Foster, WNCW Senior Producer, News and Public Service Coordinator, and Regional Host of NPR's Morning Edition

More To The Story- Spartanburg Re-Development

Aug 24, 2017
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This More to the Story from August 16th (2017) provided listeners with an update on Spartanburg's Major Downtown Redevelopment.  Guest Reporter was Alyssa Mulliger of the Spartanburg Herald-Journal.  Discussed was the AC Hotel, The Commons at Pine, The Montgomery Building and more.

Posted by Host and Producer of More to the Story, Paul Foster - WNCW Senior Producer, News Director, and Regional Host for Morning Edition

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The Beer Guy, Tony Kiss, with nearly 25-years of writing on the Western NC beer and brewing scene and today contributing to Mountain Xpress, is guest of this segment with updates on this powerful industry that keeps growing in the Carolinas.  This More to the Story originally aired August 8, 2017.

Posted by Host and Producer of More to the Story, Paul Foster- WNCW Senior Producer, News Director, and Regional Host of Morning Edition