Isothermal Community College

On The Way Up | Episode 13

May 2, 2017

On this weeks' new music podcast "On The Way Up", Joe features new tunes from Robert Cray & Hi Rhythm, The Meltdown, Malcolm Holcombe, and Timothy Seth Avett.  The DJ for a day interview is with Jim Liverett, who works at Isothermal Community College.  Jim is WNCW's former station engineer and he talks about the world of radio engineering. 


Robert Cray & Hi Rhythm “You Must Believe In Yourself” Self Titled

The Meltdown “Don’t Hesitate” Self Titled

Agriculture Institute Aims to Grow Success

Jun 9, 2016

A new class at Isothermal Community College will help students plant the seeds to their future in the field of agriculture, officials said this week.

The Agriculture Institute is a new Continuing Education program for residents of Rutherford and Polk counties. The class will start on Monday, June 20, on the main campus in Spindale.

In this final of three interviews on the status of race relations in the United States in 2013, you'll meet Dr. Johnny Smith, Dean of Learning Support and Retention here at Isothermal Community College. 

I chose Dr. Smith to interview for this series because he is the perfect example of what can be accomplished by men of color when given a reason to succeed against seemingly impossible odds.

For many,  education is a necessity to start a new career, to move up the ladder in your current career or even just for fun. Community Colleges have become the hub of that type of learning in North Carolina – as well as other states – and the perfect place to start can be through Continuing Education. For example, I first saw an e-mail from Marnie Beaver here at Isothermal Community College about a class called 'Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5'.  I was literally blown away.

Here in Western North Carolina, the Piedmont and into South Carolina, there is no shortage of high-quality entertainment in a wide variety and to suit every taste - from children to adults. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll touch base with three organizations in order to give a cross-section of what is available for those in search of a good night out....or an afternoon out...or a morning, out for that matter. The first of these sources of great entertainment is the Performing Arts Center right here on the campus of Isothermal Community College.