Friday Feature of the Week

Friday Feature: Bounty and Soul

Jun 14, 2018

The non-profit group, Bounty and Soul of Western North Carolina describes themselves as a group nourshing, inspiring, teaching, and connecting.  Taking fresh foods from the farm and sharing those foods with the needy.  Foods that are healthy.  Bounty and Soul Executive Director- Bruce Ganger is interviewed during this segment of The Friday Feature that first aired on June 1, 2018.

Posted by Host and Producer of The Friday Feature Interview of the Week, Paul Foster- WNCW Senior Producer, News Director, and Regional Host of NPR's Morning Edition

Image of the giant rock known as Chimney Rock. Lake Lure is in the background
Vicki Dameron

It makes sense that when your family owned and operated one of North Carolinas most scenic wonders for over 100-years, Chimney Rock Park, that you would be the perfect one to write a book about it.  Former Park Owner, Todd Morse, is responsible for the book, 'For the Love of Chimney Rock: Four Generations of Morse Family Stewardship.' During this Friday Feature from May 25, 2018 - Morse goes over history, the park, and his family's role... all captured in the book.

Friday Feature: The Blue Ridge Conservancy

May 22, 2018
Image of blue ridge mountains with blue and green vistas
Vicki Dameron

This Friday Feature Interview of the Week spotlights The Blue Ridge Conservancy, headquartered in Boone.  Just what is the conservancy and how are they helping take care of some of the high country's best natural resources?  Representing the group and a part of this interview from May 11, 2018 are Eric Hiegel and Nikki Robinson.

Posted by Host and Producer of The Friday Feature - Paul Foster, WNCW Senior Producer and News Direcort

Image of horse jumping in a race
Vicki Dameron

  Polk County Commissioners recently took a 4-1 vote in regards to modifying and extending development between the county and the Tryon Equestrian Center, which will host the World FEI Games, a popular international event, in September.  Jake Johnson, Chairman of the Polk County Board of Commissioners, was interviewed to explain the details of their decisions.  Something he wanted the residents of Polk County to have an understanding about.  Original air date was May 4, 2018.


Friday Feature- The Grown Man Club (Tryon)

May 2, 2018

Find out about the Grown Man Club, a non-profit group based in Tryon, NC, as Founder and Executive Director of the group, Steven Green, was interviewed by WNCW.  The Grown Man Club wants to reach men of all backgrounds, but especially the African-American and Latino population.  It's about different cultures, harmony, and support for fellow man.  Events by the club are also addressed like the Tryon African-Latino Festival.