Friday Feature of the Week

Friday Feature: Connect Buncombe: Greenways

Mar 26, 2018
Image of bright orange flowers known as flame azaleas. There is a beautiful, lush green background and a road on the right hand side of image.
Vicki Dameron

Connect Buncombe is a group that wants to preserve Greenway's and create new ones from Asheville to Black Mountain and throughout Buncombe County.  Connect Buncombe Board Member- Leanna Joyner discussed the group, its plans, an event that was taking place at the time of this interview, and the importance of volunteers.  Because being in the great outdoors and enjoying nature in Western NC is always important!  This program originally aired March 23, 2018.

Friday Feature: Safe Water Now

Mar 20, 2018
Brochures for Safe Water Now
Safe Water Now

Based in Asheville, the Non-Profit Group 'Safe Water Now' has a mission to help provide safe and clean water to the people of Tanzania.  Safe Water Now is celebrating this month the United Nations World Water Day.  As a part of that special day, Safe Water Now presents a fundraiser, as regional musicians jam together on March 21st.  This Friday Feature from March 16, 2018 features an interview with Safe Water's Tracy Hawkins and Dorsey Parker, who was a contributor of the concert.

Friday Feature: Do You Get Enough Sleep?

Mar 15, 2018
Blackand white image of woman sleeping

Perhaps you exercise, eat healthy, and do other things to take good care of yourself. However, if you don't get the proper amount of sleep and your body doesn't get in to a full deep sleep, everything else you're doing may be on no benefit.  The Importance of Good Sleep was spotlighted during this Friday Feature, as we interviewed two medical experts in the region.  Shari Newman- Clinical Manager of Sleep Services with Spartanburg Regional and Dr. Russell Stewart of the Rutherford Regional Healthcare System.   This segment originally aired           March 9, 2018.

Founder and CEO Rick Curti of the Charlotte Bats, a group hopeful to bringing Major League Baseball to the Queen City was a part of this Friday Feature on March 2, 2018.  Would the Charlotte region and the Carolina's support another franchise, with the NFL and NBA already established.  Could this market, the city, sponsors and others provide the financial support needed in a sport with a very long season?  Conti shared his story and thoughts.

The Hickory Museum of the Art presents An Evening with Matthew (Matt) Diffee on March 2nd.  Matt is a well known and popular Cartoonist with ties to North Carolina, whose creations appear regularly in The New Yorker Magazine and Texas Monthly, and has even graced the pages of Esquire. Even if you listen to this podcast beyond the date Matt appeared in Hickory, you'll still enjoy his story, examples of his mostly single panel black and white cartoons, and how his artwork has even connected to Bluegrass Music.  The interview originally aired February 23, 2018.