4:17 pm
Mon June 24, 2013

Morning Edition Wednesday, June 26: The Uncommon Male Mentoring Program

Dr. Johnny Smith, Dean of Learning Support and Retention at Isothermal Community College and organizer of the Uncommon Male Mentoring Program

In this final of three interviews on the status of race relations in the United States in 2013, you'll meet Dr. Johnny Smith, Dean of Learning Support and Retention here at Isothermal Community College. 

I chose Dr. Smith to interview for this series because he is the perfect example of what can be accomplished by men of color when given a reason to succeed against seemingly impossible odds.

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3:50 pm
Wed June 19, 2013

Morning Edition 6/21: 'Beyond Stereotypes In Black And White'

Beyond the 99 percent versus the one percent...beyond Republican or Democrat...beyond Catholic or Muslim or Southern Baptist or Methodist or Jewish...beyond all that there is a more basic difference and inequality that still exists in this country.  That difference and inequality is between so-called 'whites' and blacks or even browns.

Dr. Henrie M. Treadwell knows all about that. She is the author of a book called "Beyond Stereotypes in Black and White: How Everyday Leaders Can Build Healthier Opportunities for African-American Boys and Men."

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