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Roland Dierauf wanders everyday through the cultural landscape that informs contemporary music.  Starting with the roots of early blues and country, he says hello to their many quirky offspring -- bluegrass, rock, alt country, jazz, funk, international rhythms, and all the endless hybrids.  It's music as big and varied and delightful as the people who make it.  Be a part of it, weekday afternoons on WNCW.

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ASHLEY HEATH Live Wednesday, December 14th at 4pm

Dec 9, 2016
Layne Sizemore

We're pleased to welcome another regional talent to Studio B for her first live appearance with us, Asheville/Marshall singer/songwriter Ashley Heath. She has numerous gigs in Asheville this month, including some Holiday shows. Roland talks with her live on Wednesday afternoon....but will she bring Her Heathens?

DEVILS IN DUST Live Wednesday, December 7th at 3pm

Dec 2, 2016

The Asheville area trio of Corey Bullman (formerly of Fifth House), Leigh Glass, and Jacob Bauman have released one of our region's stronger albums of 2016. Recorded both in Asheville and in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, it blends Americana, rock, and soul pretty seamlessly. They play Jack of the Wood in Asheville on Saturday.

Learn more at devilsindust.com.

BOMBADIL Live Thursday, December 1st at 3pm

Nov 29, 2016

We've enjoying following this somewhat quirky Durham band since their 2006 start, and the trio of Daniel Michalak, James Phillips and Stacy Harden return for another visit before playing West Asheville Thursday night and Charlotte on Friday. Join us as we kick off December with this Ramseur Records act in a live Studio B session.

Learn more at www.bombadilmusic.com .

RESONANT ROGUES Live Thursday, November 17th at 5pm

Nov 14, 2016
Stephen Houseworth

“Want to hear the melting pot that’s the ongoing cultural experiment known as the United States of America? Then you should listen to the Resonant Rogues. The Asheville, N.C., group blends Balkan, klezmer, gypsy, hot jazz and old-time influences to create a genre-blending music that couldn’t happen anywhere else.” –Chris Bopst of Style Weekly. They have a few gigs in their hometown and in Charlotte before hightailing it to Colorado for much of December.

THE WALCOTTS Live Monday, November 14th at 3pm

Nov 14, 2016

They draw their primary inspiration from The Band (including their name -- can you name the song reference?), but this L.A. band has also been influenced by Chris Stapleton, HoneyHoney, Bruce Springsteen....Or as No Depression says, "Dr John and Tom Waits spend a night drinking together somewhere between New Orleans and Los Angeles. A great cross-pollination of R&B, Soul and Country".

Learn more at thewalcottsmusic.com .