Spindale Cycle™

Mondays at 8pm

A classic album played in its entirety, because some albums are meant to be played all the way through. (Regrettably, due to Recording Industry Association of America restrictions, The Spindale Cycle is not available online)

Blues guitarist Freddie King is what we at WNCW consider one of the 3 great Kings of the Blues (along with Albert and of course B.B.)  Freddie rose to popularity in the early 60's with a string of tight, catchy instrumentals.  This album from a 1974 concert in Atlanta includes some choice versions of standards like "Dust My Broom", "Key to the Highway", and "Sweet Home Chicago", and also includes some interesting interview snippets with him. 

We'll try to start saying farewell to summer on Monday night with a trip to the tropical Cape Verde Islands.  One woman is responsible for bringing this island nation's rich musical tradition to the world: Cesaria Evora (8/27/41-12/17/11).  Her Cape Verdean mornas and Portuguese fados, blended with West African percussion, Brazilian modhinas, and British sea shanties, were among the most captivating and beautiful of world music sounds.  No passport needed as we sail to Cape Verde with her 1992 album. 

We celebrate Robert Plant's August 20th birthday this week with Monday night's spotlight on Led Zeppelin's 1973 masterpiece, Houses of the Holy.  Following their series of "I-IV", the band branched out with a few different directions, yet the sound remains the same: classic Zeppelin that is just as incredible 40 years later as it was when it was first released.  "The Rain Song", "Over the Hills and Far Away", "D'Yer Maker", "No Quarter", "Dancing Days", "The Song Remains the Same".... turn it up Monday night! 

Mark Knopfler is featured prominently in our programming this week: We celebrate his birthday Monday night with Dire Straits' 1979 release, in which the band's strong influence of the late J.J. Cale's sound features prominently.  Then this Wednesday it's his new release Privateering for New Tunes at 2, which will finally be released here in the U.S. on September 10th! 

We like to celebrate the life of Jerry Garcia (8/1/42 - 8/9/95) around this time of year, and on Monday night we are pleased to bring you this 1976 release of his.  His 3rd "solo" release, Reflections includes all of the (then) members of the Grateful Dead helping out, as well as JGB mates John Kahn, Nicky Hopkins, Ron Tutt, and Larry Knechtel.  Check out the fine studio versions of "Mission in the Rain", "They Love Each Other", "Comes a Time", and other favorites of the road.  Thanks for the memories, Jerry!

Monday Night July 29th at 8pm: J.J. CALE - Naturally

Jul 29, 2013

We are saddened to hear of the passing of guitarist/singer/songwriter J.J.

Monday night the 25th, we celebrate the birthday of the late singer-songwriter Steve Goodman with a concert recorded 8/14/78 at an intimate Chicago nightclub that was the launching pad for Goodman, his close friend John Prine, and others.  Goodman was among the first to bring a witty sense of humor, engaging storytelling, and variety of guitar styles to the otherwise more monotone folksinger style of the day.  Enjoy his captivating stage presence as we spotlight him for your Spindale Cycle. 

John Coltrane was still working as a member of Thelonious Monk`s quartet in 1957 when he recorded his second solo album, "Blue Train". The hard bop recording brought together a collection of jazz giants including, Miles Davis, Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones, and would be the only time he would record on Blue Note as a band leader.  Listen to the jazz classic Monday night at 8pm during the Spindale Cycle on WNCW.

Prine's Grammy-winning 1991 classic is being re-released on vinyl on Tuesday the 9th!  All the best....

This week marks a number of notable bluegrass birthdays, including Keith Whitley, Byron Berline, Jeff Autry, and the 4th of July birthdays of Charlie Monroe and Peter Rowan.  So for our Spindale Cycle, how about Peter Rowan's 1985 tribute to his mentor (and Charlie's brother) Bill Monroe.  Sam Bush, Bill Keith, Alan O'Bryant, Richard Greene, Roy Husky Jr., and Buddy Spicher join Rowan for this great collection of Monroe classics.  Besides, in this week of celebrating our country, what's more American than bluegrass?