Peak Of The Week™

Thursdays at 9pm

A new release - handpicked by WNCW's Programming Staff - is sampled throughout Renee Denton's Music Mix on Thursday evenings.

An inspiration to MLK with her family band during the Civil Rights Era, a show-stealer for The Band's  star-studded The Last Waltz, near-fiancee to Bob Dylan.... Mavis Staples remains an icon of change, and one of the best voices of America's conscience.  She made some changes once again in 2010 when she collaborated with Wilco's Jeff Tweedy for the Grammy-winning You Are Not Alone, and she continues that great partnership with this new release. 

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Woody Guthrie last year, an impressive array of musicians influenced by Woody gathered at The Kennedy Center For the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. to pay tribute.  Jackson Browne, Del McCoury, Tim O'Brien, Ani DiFranco, Lucinda Williams, Donovan, Old Crow Medicine Show, Judy Collins, Tom Morello....quite a lineup! 

Pokey's music of America's heartland is a great mix of early jazz, string ragtime, country blues and western swing.  His latest release was produced by Ketch Secor of Old Crow Medicine Show. 

Herd of 'em?  One of our favorite bands, with what might be one of our favorite albums of theirs.

One of our favorite Americana songwriters returns with one of his most solid collections yet.  On this, his 9th album, Slaid Cleaves once again covers a variety of issues affecting blue-collar/working-class Americans, as evident in some of the titles: "Rust Belt Fields", "Welding Burns", "Hometown USA", and the title track.  Appropriate topics to reflect on as we reflect on all things American for the holiday.  To quote Alan Harrison of No Depression: "I bet Dylan, Young, and Springsteen wish that they could still write songs like these."