Celtic Winds™

Sundays noon to 3pm

Celtic Winds is one of the signature programs produced weekly at WNCW.  From popular and emerging artists, to classic recordings gleaned from our large library, there is sure to be something different every week.  Celtic music is an integral part of the musical heartland of Western North Carolina where WNCW is located, but it exploded onto the world stage during the revival of the last century, and is now recognized as a dominant force in the international music scene.

Join Richard Beard and Tom Fellenbaum as they bring the Celtic world to your doorstep with three hours of live music every Sunday at noon.   

Why three hours of Celtic music every week?   Because it’s WNCW!

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OFFA REX -- The Queen of Hearts

USHER'S ISLAND -- Usher's Island

CRESCENT MOON ROUNDERS -- Ain't Gonna Get No Supper Here Tonight

RICHIE & ROSIE -- Nowhere in Time

Locally Produced Shows Receive New T-shirts

Mar 26, 2017

We are excited to offer all new t-shirts for many of our locally produced programs.  The t-shirts were put together and printed by Recover Brands on Recover t-shirts.  We have limited quantities of these special shirts, so please call 1-800-245-8870 to pledge for your t-shirt.  They will be available through the end of the Spring Fund Drive, which ends April 1 at 7:00pm.

Program Shirts Include:

When you make a contribution today during Celtic Winds (12noon - 3pm) you will receive the new Celtic Winds program sticker.  Call 1-800-245-8870 or to pledge online, click here.

Tune in Sunday, March 17th from noon to 3pm and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Celtic Winds.

At noon today, Celtic Winds brings you three hours of Celtic music from around the world and around the corner.