WNCW's Fall Fund Drive Success, Donation to MANNA Foodbank, New Antenna

Nov 20, 2017

On this Thanksgiving week, we truly have a lot for which to be thankful. 

Thanks to our amazing listening community, we ended our Fall Fund Drive with $209,598 raised and we have continued to receive additional contributions. Thank you to all our members and donors. It's been a fun and busy time.  If you are still waiting on your thank you gift, please be patient as we have many gifts to pack out.  Our staff are working very hard to get your items mailed to you. During the fund drive, it was great seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends as we welcomed volunteers to the station. Thank you to everyone who spent hours with us helping to make this fund drive successful.

Thank you to the venues, promoters, and artists who contributed ticket offers and CDs for us to use as thank you gifts.  Thank you to the restaurants that donated meals for our volunteers. Thank you to our business partners and particularly the ones who assisted with creating our station shirts, mugs and more.  A special thanks goes out to The Purple Onion for offering a Challenge Matching Grant. We successfully matched all the funds. 

During the week of our fund drive, we pledged $1 from every donation we received to MANNA Foodbank’s Disaster Relief Fund to help those recently affected by the weather.  We are thrilled to share that we are sending $1,423 to MANNA as a result of our listeners’ support.

You may have heard during the fund drive, that we have an immediate need to replace the antenna at our main transmitter site on top of Clingman's Peak near Mt. Mitchell.  The location of our antenna enables us to reach a very large area, but it is subjected to extreme temperatures, wind, snow, and ice.  The original antenna that WNCW came on the air with in 1989 is still in place today, 28 years later.  The expected lifetime of this piece of equipment was 20-25 years.

To ensure that our listeners continue to have access to all that WNCW brings to the communities we serve, it is necessary to replace the antenna with a new one.  Thanks to the continued support of our community and for your outpouring of support during our most recent fund drive, we are financially better prepared to replace the antenna in the coming months.

We are excited to say that with a new antenna listeners can expect a boosted signal dependability.  This is an expensive project and so we are thankful to everyone who chose to recently donate to the station.  If you missed your opportunity to contribute during the fund drive, it’s not too late.  Your support will be put to good use.  Click here to donate.

Again, thank you to our wonderful community! We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and invite you to join us on Thanksgiving Day for our annual tradition of airing Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant Masacree” at noon and again at 9:00pm.