WNCW Is My Constant Companion...

Whether I am traveling for work out of state (and listening via the iPhone app or streaming from my Macbook in the hotel) or working from the home office, WNCW is always playing at some point during the day.  I have been exposed to such a diverse palate of music because of WNCW.  I would bet a third of my CD collection and electronic tunes are a direct result of hearing it on WNCW first. 

Based on a cousin's recommendation, I started listening online back in the early 2000s, when internet radio was in its infancy and I lived in the lower part of South Carolina.  Now that I live in radio signal range (aka God's country), I absolutely love hearing it on the truck radio when out and about town.  Every vehicle in the family has at least one WNCW sticker! 

Thank you, WNCW, for vastly improving my life through the joy of music discovery - old and new.  And thank you to the best radio staff in the land for being such great folks too!  May WNCW always fill the airwaves!

- Mark Johnson of Blue Ridge, SC

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