On The Way Up | Episode 20

Jun 29, 2017

WNCW’s celebrated its new music podcast by celebrating Independence Day this episode, with the feature “DJ For A Day” telling you how we put our July 4th and other holiday music mixes together. Our music mix will be pretty bright and breezy, maybe even a little bit hot and hazy at times. Two regional favorites and a pair of local legends get spins, we feature both music that won’t be released until September and music that hasn’t been released since it was recorded live in 1974. Plus, many of the facets of the WNCW sound including country, bluegrass, jazz and rock and roll.


Jim Lauderdale “Sweet Time” from London Southern

Doc & Merle Watson “Matchbox Blues” from Never The Same Way Once

Lonesome River Band “Wrong Road Again” from Mayhayley’s House

Meklit “You Are My Luck” from When the People Move, The Music Moves Too

Can “Dizzy Dizzy” from The Singles (Segue Of The Week)

Floating Action “Seek Then I Found” from ...Is It Exquisite?

Kevin Morby “Aboard My Train” from City Music

House And Land “The Day Is Past And Gone” from House and Land

Fleet Foxes “Naidas, Cassadies” from Crack-Up