Thursday Night the 14th between 9pm and Midnight: OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW - Remedy

Aug 8, 2014

Everyone by now probably knows the story of how OCMS wrote "Wagon Wheel" from an unfinished Bob Dylan sketch, and maybe the one about how Doc Watson "discovered" the band while they were playing outside the Boone Drug pharmacy, and invited them to Merlefest. Both of those stories have postscripts of sorts on their latest album, as Dylan has offered them another tune for them to flesh out called "Sweet Amarillo", and the band has written a heart-felt tribute in "Doc's Day" (which they unveiled for the first time at last April's Merlefest.) Also included here: one conjugal trailer, at least two odes to Tennessee, 8 dogs and 8 banjos.  Is Remedy intended to be a remedy for today's country music? As frontman Ketch Secor has said,  "The obvious thing is that country music needs a shot. Not in the arm or the leg, but in the ass."