Sustaining Patron Membership and Other Ways to Support WNCW

Feb 14, 2017

Donating to WNCW will soon be easier than ever.  We have received several requests from donors to offer a sustaining member program, so we will soon offer a way for you to set up a monthly donation to the station directly through  If you want to be the first to know about the upcoming Sustaining Patron Member Program, please click here to sign up for an email notification!

WNCW’s Spring Fund Drive is happening next month…March 26-April 1 to be exact.  To make this a successful fund drive, we will need volunteers, member support, and donations from local businesses and venues.  If you want to help, here is a list of ways to support and who to contact:

Volunteer:  We need people to answer phones during the fund drive.  We can also use help with packing out thank you gifts after the fund drive.  If you have an interest, please sign up on our Volunteer Email List by filling out this form.  In the comments, tell us how you can help!

Donations (In-Kind): We need restaurants to donate food to feed volunteers during the fund drive.  We accept donations of meals, snacks, and breakfast foods.  If you represent a local restaurant, please contact Kim Henson at to express your interest in donating food during the fund drive.

We also accept in-kind donations from local businesses including tickets to events or destinations, gift certificates, and products from local stores.  If you are interested in donating items we can offer to members during the fund drive, your donation can help us raise cash donations to the station.  Contact Stephanie Webb at

Listener Support: Did you know that only a small percentage of listeners donate to WNCW?  If you currently donate to WNCW, we truly appreciate your support.  If you haven’t supported WNCW yet or if it's been a while since your last donation, consider if this fund drive will be the right time for you to give.  Stay tuned for special offers, new thank you gift options, and more that will be announced in coming weeks.  Or, you can go ahead and donate online now.