Susan's Story Of Why She Tunes Into WNCW

In the mid 1980's I received a survey in the mail about public radio and if I thought it would be a welcomed addition to local radio. It asked my musical tastes, news interests etc. I was very excited about the prospect of local public radio. There was a great music scene developing in the area and the timing was perfect. Several months passed, maybe a year?? and then one day I found it! WNCW was on the air!! I think I saw something in the paper about it so I caught it on it's first week and it's been at the #1 station on my dial ever since.

What I like best about WNCW is that the DJ's seem like someone you would be friends with and the incredible music variety that is played, old and new alike. I love all types of music and especially like hearing the information about each song played in the sets.

- Susan

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