See The E-Mail Thread That Began Record Store Day 10 Years Ago

Apr 21, 2017

Record Store Day - April 22, 2017

Saturday, April 22nd marks the 10th Anniversary of Record Store Day, our now annual hootenanny dedicated to record culture, record lovers, record makers and most of all, the amazing record stores that make it all possible. That's a whole decade's worth of a unique annual event whose purpose has been to bring folks together in support of those essential elements that make independent record stores real and thriving epicenters of their communities.

While RSD can claim a substantial role in kicking up the vinyl revolution, the event has really been about THE STORES. Record Store Day has traditionally appointed artist ambassadors such as Chuck D., Iggy Pop, Dave Grohl, Jack White and, of course, this year's delegate, St. Vincent, to help spread the word in the service of notable outposts around the country and around the globe, priming a steady stream of incredible product into and out of their doors.

In honor of RSD's 10th Anniversary, let's take a look back at the e-mail sent from Chris Brown at independent record store Bull Moose, to see where it all began...

For more information on Bull Moose, please visit: For more information on Record Store Day, please visit:

From: Chris Brown at Bull Moose
Sent: Friday, July 27, 2007 1:54 PM
To: Michael Kurtz
Subject: idea


Now, on to Indie Record Store Day.  It needs a different name, of course.  I'm just thinking as I type, but it could be a national event that drives people to indie stores. We would need all coalitions--not just the ones we usually work with, plus all the unaffiliated indies. 

It might be good to do it in our slow period- Feb or March.  I don't know if we would want to give away free CDs or what.  We would need some nice licensed pieces--maybe something along the lines of the upcoming Guided By Voices rarities box. 

There is a huge press angle here too.  Indies rule.  We haven't gone anywhere.  We are better than ever and we are more important than ever before. 

In-stores in every market.  In Denver, both Indie and Twist get somebody good. 

Video, print and online testimonials from artists would run in every market to promote the event. 

Try to include movie stars and game developers. 

I'm going to close because I haven't eaten lunch yet.