Morning Edition on Monday, May 6: May Is Mental Health Month

Left to right: Ken Shull, CEO St. Luke's Hospital, Dr. Belynda Veser, Psychiatrist and Medical Director, Dr. Robert Ratcliffe, Psychiatrist and former Medical Director SLH Center of Behavioral Medicine.

May is Mental Health Month, and perhaps now, more than ever before, this issue of mental health is something that everyone has to deal with concerning someone in his or her family.  May is also the month when St. Luke's Hospital shines a light on mental health with a special event.  I spoke recently to Becky Brodar, RN and Community Outreach Coordinator for St. Lukes Center for Behavioral Medicine in Columbus, NC.

With federal and state cutbacks for all types of medical services, mental health services is one of most affected areas and one of the most important medical services to all of - especially since we live longer than ever before.

Tune in to find out what St. Luke's is doing to commemorate Mental Health Month and how you can learn to navigate the complex mental health services world.