Morning Edition on Friday, May 24th: "FEARLESS" BY ERIC BLEHM

When it comes to military personnel, the members of the elite SEAL teams are among the most prestigious, most admired, and most secretive.  So how could author Eric Blehm write this story of one extraordinary member of the most elite SEAL team known, Team Six?  We'll talk about that and about this amazing young man who died just as he seemed to have everything he ever wanted.

Blehm pulls you into this story of young man who grew up in a wonderful, warm family. Brown got sidetracked with bad choices, was arrested more than once, and finally decided what he wanted to do: Become a member of the Navy and get the best job he could get within the Navy.

Blehm also tells you what it takes to become a Navy Seal both on the inside and the outside, having to rely on others for your existence and the strong connection to the others within your unit and your family. And, while telling this story, Blehm had to do it without giving away any secrets that would endanger current members of the SEAL teams, their techniques or special operations. It's an amazing story that at times seems like a great idea for a movie, only it's very real.