Morning Edition 9/25/13: You've Driven By It. Now Climb Up And Stay A While!

Grandfather Mountain is all dressed up for fall.

Western North Carolina is so full of beautiful places to see or fun things to do or new things to learn, that sometimes, if you live here, you miss a lot.  Grandfather Mountain is one of those places.

If you like to ski, you've driven by it. But other than thinking, "I bet there's a great view from up there!", you probably haven't stopped and 'set a spell.'

Penn Dameron is the Executive Director of the Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation and he had a whole lot to say about how things look from up there - especially this time of year. There are animals to see, tons of things to learn, about a quarter-million people a year visit, and it is now officially protected from development--for good!

Hear what Dameron has to say, and then plan your first (or next) trip to Grandfather Mountain, one of the most incredible places in the world.