Morning Edition 8/7/13: Facebook Forest City: Three Years Of Grants And One New Manager

Thomas Jefferson Classical Elementary School in Forest City, one of the recipients of the 2012 Facebook Community Grants.

It's August, and that means it's time for the third annul round of Facebook Community Action Grants.  It's also time to make it official that Rutherford County's own Keven McKammon has been named the site manager for the Facebook Forest City Data Center.  On Monday, I spoke with Keven, who I have known from my previous life as a print journalist for the Daily Courier, and who has helped Rutherford County become more connected ever since I first met him several years ago.

Tune in to hear my conversation with Keven McKammon and to find out how you can apply for this year's Facebook Community Action Grants and also find out what's happening at Facebook.