Morning Edition 6/19: The Community Choreography Project

Photo courtesy of The 2013 Community Choreography Project

Have you ever wanted to work on stage? Have your ever had a dream of becoming a producer or a playwright or even a screenwriter? Well, in Asheville once a year for the past few years, you've had a chance. 

 It's called the Community Choreography Project and the performances are June 20 through 22 at Diana Wortham Theatre.
 I have never heard of the Community Choreography Project. So when I had the opportunity to speak with its founder and director, Barrie Barton, recently I asked her about it.
 What I discovered is that not only is it a fascinating idea and production, it's also a fund-raiser for Four Seasons Hospice this year.
 Find out all about the Community Choreography Project and how you can participate or help or just enjoy it.