SPARTANBURG SCIENCE MUSEUM TEACHES STEM USING ROBOTICS    Science, technology, engineering and math, all subjects that still invoke fear and lack of interest in too many of our students. But, Megan Rudolph with the Spartanburg Science Museum at the Chapman Cultural Center has found out about a way that works for children of all ages; and when they're really, really young, they don't even know they're learning it.   This weekend the Spartanburg Science Museum presents its First Lego League Spartanburg Qualifier Competition, and it will be a blast for anyone - of any age - who wants to attend and see what's happening.   The First Lego League isn't new; it's just new to Spartanburg, and the purpose of this ingenious idea is to teach STEM courses beginning at a very young age and going all the way up to high school and beyond. And, since businesses and even senior citizens are beginning to get involved in technology, and the world is getting ahead of us in training workers in these fields, FLL is a program to watch.   Join me as Megan Rudolph shares what to expect for those who want to attend on Saturday.