Morn. Ed 8/28: "CONVERGE: Transformation Bustiness at the Intersection of Marketing and Technology"

"Converge" by Razorfish CEO Bob Lord and CTO Ray Velez

Marketing your business used to be about advertising in the newspaper or on billboards, on TV or radio. But now, marketing is all about the cloud.  In "Converge" written by Bob Lord and Ray Velez of Razorfish, you'll learn how to harness the power of the cloud for inexpensive and easy-to-use solutions to marketing challenges. You'll learn how to unite all of the aspects of your business to collaborate, inspire each other and keep the energy working throughout the organization.

Razorfish has done this and more for such companies as AXE, Intel, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung and others. But that doesn't mean these same tools (such as data mining) can't be used for much smaller businesses.  That's just the point. With technology changing minute-by-minute to meet the demands of a global economy, it is also changing to meet the demands of businesses large and small.

Don't miss this informative and eye-opening look at the new way to grow your business inexpensively using the tools you probably already have.