Monday Night January 27th at 8pm: UNCLE TUPELO - No Depression

Jan 24, 2014

Before Wilco and Son Volt, there was Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar and their late-'80's alt-country band Uncle Tupelo.  Though they didn't last long before going their separate ways, they recorded one of the most defining albums of WNCW in our first year, No Depression.  As music critic Jason Ankeny writes, "for all of the record's doleful cynicism -- virtually every cut nods toward dashed hopes, broken promises, and paralyzing fear -- there's an undeniable electricity afoot as well; by channeling the mournful clarity of country into the crackling fury of punk, No Depression brings new life to both musical camps."  We are happy to announce that it is being reissued in an expanded double-disc collection on Tuesday the 28th.