Monday Night January 20th at 8pm: RICHIE HAVENS - Mixed Bag

Jan 17, 2014

With all the focus on the Greenwich Village Folk Scene of the early '60's of late (thanks to the Coen Bro's film Inside Llewyn Davis), we'll spend Monday evening with Richie Havens, who was born in Brooklyn on 1/21/41 and moved there in '61 to begin playing the clubs along with Dave Van Ronk, Peter Paul & Mary, Phil Ochs, and others.  The 1967 album Mixed Bag was his first on the folk-oriented Verve Forecast label, and includes a dynamic variety of styles and moods, including the anti-war anthem "Handsome Johnny" (which he co-wrote with future actor Louis Gossett, Jr.!), Dylan's "Just Like a Woman", and The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby". Havens passed away last April, but left behind an archive rich with his deep baritone, signature open-E guitar tuning, and distinctive thumb-chord strumming.