Monday Night December 16th at 8pm: JIMI HENDRIX - Jimi Plays Monterey

Dec 16, 2013

It was on 12/16/66 that the first Jimi Henrix Experience single, "Hey Joe" was released in the U.K.  It was a hit there, but didn't chart back home in the U.S.  What's that they say about third time's the charm?  His appearance at the Monterey Pop Festival the following year was the key to his success here, and we'll hear it Monday night at 8.  "Foxey Lady", "Purple Haze", "Like a Rolling Stone", and the one that started it all for him -- blistering performances of them with Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell, from June 18, 1967.  As you'll hear Jimi say, Bob Dylan's grandmother was there....Were you?