Living And Working To The Music and News On WNCW

As a loyal member for many years, I listen all day at work and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. 

In 1989 my husband climbed on top of our two story bike shop building to put up an antenna just to hear WNCW all day.  We also raised 3 kids on WNCW.  Two live in West Asheville, one is a musician in Florida, and all three have great taste in music. 

I have worked with people with intellectual disabilities for 15 years and have found WNCW to have a calming effect compared to commercial radio.  I also have a client who every time he hears the news reporter say, "this is Lakshmi Singh" he replies by hitting his chest and saying, "ME SING!" and he does sing along with all the cool music on WNCW.

- Nancy from SC

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