Live on Tuesday the 15th at 12: THE ZOMBIES!

Apr 11, 2014

There are a number of surprising and/or mystifying stories surrounding The Zombies.  One is that their most recognized hits did not really get recognized as hits until well after they were released; in fact their biggest hit, "Time of the Season", was not released until after they had broken up.  There's the story of how the constraints and shortfalls surrounding the creation of their 1968 finale Odessey & Oracle in fact helped it become the psychedelic-pop masterpiece that it is considered today.  Then there's the equally unbelievable fact that we get to host keyboardist/songwriter Rod Argent and singer Colin Blunstone live in Studio B this week.  The duo plays Asheville on the 15th and Knoxville on the 16th (with Pat Sansone of Wilco/The Autumn Defense!)