Kathryn and Martin Sharing A Sweet Moment During The Last Day Of Our WNCW Fall Pledge Drive

Nov 4, 2017

WNCW Fan Kathryn with Martin Anderson in Studio B
Credit Photo Vicki Dameron

We could not resist sharing this incredible image of Kathryn and Martin Anderson at the pitch table in Studio B. Kathyrn and her mom Sarah are members of the WNCW family. You can never be too young to be a fan of the best station in the nation! It's our last day folks... just a few more hours left to help support WNCW. If you have made your pledge, thank you so very much. If you have not yet done so, please take a few minutes of your time to help us keep the WNCW grassroots radio train on the tracks. Call 1-800-245-8870 or go online and show your support at wncw.org