Jonathan Tunes In From Seattle, WA

I grew up in Spartanburg so Appalachia is in my blood. I first discovered WNCW while going to school in Clemson. I just found it by chance while flipping through stations. I've been in love ever since. I really can’t listen to any other radio station. Only WNCW understands my musical needs. In 2006 I moved to Seattle where I got an office job, and while I despise sitting behind a desk, on the bright side I am able to listen to you guys every day. Specifically, I make sure I catch Roland from noon to 3pm west coast time (3-6 EST). I have discovered hundreds of new artists thanks to your hard work. Every time I see an artist here in Seattle that I discovered on WNCW I make sure to let them know that it was WNCW that got their music out. FYI, Ryan Montebleu said he really enjoyed his time with you guys.

Thanks for keeping me musically literate,

Jonathan from Seattle, WA