Gubernatorial Candidates Interview Series

Beginning Monday, April 30th through Monday, May 7th, WNCW presents a series of special interviews with each of the candidates in the North Carolina primary for Governor. Each candidate - Democratic and Republican - was asked the same three questions; each was given the same amount of time to answer them and to talk a little about themselves. These interviews will run during Morning Edition - two a day - at 7:50 and 8:50 am, leading up to the day before the May 8th primary.

Even though early voting has already begun, many voters have not made a decision on which candidate to choose. We hope these interviews will give listeners a chance to get to know a little more about all of the candidates. 

            Following is the schedule for when each will air:

                  Monday, April 30:     7:50 am          Democrat Bruce Blackmon

                                                             8:50 am          Republican James Harney


                  Tuesday, May 1:          7:50 am          Republican Scott A. Jones

                                                              8:50 am          Democrat. Walter Dalton   


                  Wednesday, May 2    7:50 am          Democrat Gary Dunn

                                                              8:50 am          Republican James E. Mahan


                  Thursday, May 3          7:50 am          Republican Pat McCrory

                                                                8:50 am          Democrat Bob Ethridge


                  Friday, May 4                7:50 am          Democrat Ollie "Bill" Faisson, Jr.

                                                               8:50 am          Republican Charles Kenneth Moss


                  Monday, May 7             7:50 am          Republican Paul Wright

                                                                8:50 am          Democrat Gardenia Henley


In the interest of full disclosure, WNCW is owned by the Board of Trustees of Isothermal Community College, which is part of the North Carolina Community College System. Although the station has not received operating funds from the North Carolina General Assembly for several years, a portion of its overhead is paid by the college. This series of interviews is not an endorsement for any candidate in the North Carolina gubernatorial race.