"A Great American Tapestry" - Playback

Dec 13, 2017

The radio adaptation of A Great American Tapestry originally aired on WNCW during Morning Edition November 27 through December 1.  This is the latest film from David Weintraub and The Center for Cultural Preservation, based in Hendersonville.

The audio playback is no longer available, it was made a available for a limited time.

The Southern mountains were a diverse mix of Europeans, African-Americans and indigenous native peoples.  This backcountry became a vibrant musical cauldron that combined and synthesized the tremendous contributions of many traditions to create a musical legacy that inspired the world — A Great American Tapestry.

This five-part documentary tells the eye-opening story of the Scots-Irish ballad tradition, the lost chapters of African-American banjo and fiddle history, the role of blackface minstrel music in creating what we now know as "Old Time", the Cherokee music and dance tradition, and so much more.  

The radio adaptation of the film was produced for WNCW by Kim Clark.