Fred Found WNCW While Radio Surfing And Continues To Tune In Online

Discovering WNCW on my radio dial was the best "find" I had made in years.

While traveling to Western North Carolina from New England on business, I was surfing the stations looking for something to listen to, other than my well worn and over listened to CD's. WNCW Spindale exploded out from my dashboard with the best in Saturday afternoon Bluegrass "favorites" and from that point the adventure began. This is going back to what must have been the beginning years, as I am only able to date it to some 20 plus years ago.

Then, several years later, EUREKA !...While moving to and later living in Florida, by chance, I re-discovered my old friend again ... WNCW is on the World Wide Web!

I listen to WNCW daily and have shared the knowledge of "real music" being played on WNCW with many friends from as far away as the Northern New England states to Florida ... and, even some of my good old friends in Western NC who were unaware of the wonderful programing available in their own backyard.

I love the area, and I am somewhat jealous of the local music scene in the WNC area. We have, in fact, traveled to Asheville simply to listen to one of our "favorites" at the Orange Peel over a weekend .. WNCW is far and away the "best" in radio.

Thank You, WNCW, for all the wonderful selections of down home music that I listen to daily.

- Fred Elliott