Uncle Dave

Music Host

I have been behind a mic since my freshman year at the University of Alabama.  Simply put, I love radio!  I have always been into radio and music, and just like a musician, I have my list of DJ’s who influenced me throughout the years.  Top of that list is Tom Donahue, who was a driving force in the sound of FM in it’s commercial infancy.

       Music is something I gravitated toward at an early age.  All kinds of music, I really do love it all.  I am a big jazz head, anything from Blue Note in the 60’s.  Of course I am a Dead Head!  I am a big fan of the way music feeds the soul and brings people together.  That’s so important, because no matter what time or space you live in, you need love.  Music is love, music is WNCW.

          I came to WNCW in March of 1996, and I still consider it one of the most meaningful signals on the planet.  There’s just something special about the attitude of the people who run it and the people who listen to it.  It is an enlightened bunch who carries that all important ear that truly listens to WNCW.  I am proud to have been at WNCW over 16 years.

Dead Air

The story of Dead Air spans over 20 years on the air and covers many moments in time, but most of all it’s about love.  Love of music, people and the Boys.  The driver on this long strange bus ride is your Uncle Dave.  The show started in August of 1991 on a college station in Tennessee.   

 It’s some Grateful Dead & Something for your head, with an occasional “Side –o- Phish” and a “Moment of Panic”.  You always get a Dylan Slot and sometimes we have in studio guests.  But above all else, we’ll make you smile!