Roland Dierauf

Music Host

Roland Dierauf was the pseudonym for a 19th century London art collector.  At one time he owned the world's finest collection of porcelain gnomes.  In 1912, approaching old age and increasingly eccentric, he left London abruptly to travel to Mexico, where he hoped to join the Revolution.  He was never seen or heard from again.

In recent years, a persistent myth has sprung up, claiming that Roland Dierauf is still alive, living now in the mountains of North Carolina and working at an odd little radio station that sometimes hires people like him.  According to the myth, he now looks much like the porcelain gnomes he once collected.

828-287-8000  ext. 4216

Jazz & Beyond

Roland Dierauf mixes a blend of modern and traditional jazz for three hours to get your Saturday mornings swinging.

WNCW's Music Mix with Roland Dierauf

Roland Dierauf plays a world of music including jazz, bluegrass, blues, singer/songwriters, local artists, Celtic, World Music and more. WNCW's Live Music Calendar and headline news can be heard during Roland's airshift. Check out the Three O'Clock Jump when he features new or classic jazz tunes weekdays at three,  and listen for Roland hosting live performances with favorite artists in Studio B.