Mary Hughes

Music Host

Mary Hughes grew up in the tiny little town of Linville, nestled in the trees of Western North Carolina, constantly daydreaming to a soundtrack built off of her parents' dusty vinyl and the cassette tapes left behind by older sisters. She used to pretend to be a DJ, recording songs off the radio and then recording herself as the host, pale yellow boom-box forever at the ready for an eight year old Dr. Demento. It took years for those childhood dreams to reach reality, but then, in 2006, Mary volunteered as a host for WNCW's ARC Overnight. Starting in October 2014 - after logging countless hours behind the mic while pursuing (and earning) an Associate's Degree in Broadcasting and Production Technology - Mary became the host of WNCW's Local Color as well as a pinch-hitter DJ whenever WNCW is in need.

Ways to Connect

Neither wind, nor rain, nor sleet and snow... Well, perhaps a storm did pull the rug out from under us at Forecastle on Friday night, but even with temperatures reaching 100+ (!!!), the festival goers and doers didn't let up *almost* all weekend.

From the Beatlesque leanings of The Spongetones to the perfectly crafted pop ditties of Jamie & Steve, Jamie Hoover is the quintessential 'Renaissance Man' of the music world; a superhero of sorts, leaping over musical heights for the past 35-plus years as a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer.

But what makes an artist want to keep on leaping that high, time and time again? Thanks to a recent conversation with Jamie Hoover about his latest album, Jamie Two Ever, I found the answer to that question.