Brad Watson

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Goin' Across the Mountain™

It's the best in Traditional and Contemporary Bluegrass each week on your Flagship Bluegrass Station, WNCW-FM in Spindale, NC. Spotlights on Bluegrass birthdays and new releases are a weekly feature presented by Dennis Jones and Brad Watson.  

The Cosmic American Music Show on WNCW

In the late 60's, in a time when country music and musicians were seen as the furthest thing from hip or cool, Gram Parsons and a few others began to embrace and incorporate country music into the rock and roll realm. Once, when asked if he was trying to play rock or country or soul or what, Gram responded that "it's all Cosmic American Music." Since then, the music world has never been the same. From Parson's vision, a whole new style of music was born and its popularity is still evident today. "Alt-Country,: "Americana," "New Weird American," "Anti-Folk," or whatever you want to call it, this music is linked by a sincere appreciation and acknowledgment of the music that came before it.