Goin' Across the Mountain
11:00 am
Sat June 2, 2012

Tune In To Goin' Across the Mountain

Goin' Across the Mountain gives you eight hours of Traditional Bluegrass music is hosted by Dennis Jones and Brad Watson on your Flagship Bluegrass Station, WNCW-FM.

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Jazz & Beyond
6:00 am
Sat June 2, 2012

Tune In At 8AM For Jazz & Beyond with Roland Dierauf

Roland Dierauf mixes a blend of modern and traditional jazz for three hours to get your Saturday mornings swinging.

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ARC Overnight with Rob Daves
2:00 am
Sat June 2, 2012

Tune In At 2AM For ARC Overnight With Rob Daves

Rob Daves brings you ARC Overnight from 2AM until 6AM.

The Cosmic American Music Show
8:00 pm
Fri June 1, 2012

Tune In Tonight For The Cosmic American Music Show

Enjoy The Cosmic American Music Show with Brad Watson tonight from 8PM to 11PM. 

world cafe
6:00 pm
Fri June 1, 2012

Tune in for World Cafe

Tune in tonight from 6pm to 8pm for World Cafe with David Dye.

10:24 am
Wed May 30, 2012

Morning Edition on Thursday at 8:50am: NC STATE STUDENTS COMPETE IN THE EcoCAR2 CHALLENGE

EcoCar2: Plugging into the Future is a competition featuring 15 university teams from across the United States who are working to re-engineer a 2013 Chevrolet Malibu to get even better gas mileage.

9:11 am
Wed May 30, 2012

Remembering Arthel Lane "Doc" Watson March 3, 1923 - May 29, 2012

Doc Watson

Condolences to the family, friends and fans of Doc Watson. 

10:19 am
Fri May 25, 2012


May is Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month and although the month is nearly over, for those with asthma or allergies, the suffering may be just getting started. Pam Bunch recently interviewed Patti Brown of the Cardio-Pulmonary Department at Rutherford Regional Hospital about the differences between these two conditions, the signs to watch for and when it's time to check with your physician about handling your asthma and/or allergies.


5:04 pm
Thu May 24, 2012

Is It Time To Renew Your Membership?

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WNCW is Listener-Powered Radio.

4:44 pm
Thu May 24, 2012

WNCW Is My Constant Companion...

Photo Courtesy of Mark Johnson

Whether I am traveling for work out of state (and listening via the iPhone app or streaming from my Macbook in the hotel) or working from the home office, WNCW is always playing at some point during the day.  I have been exposed to such a diverse palate of music because of WNCW.  I would bet a third of my CD collection and electronic tunes are a direct result of hearing it on WNCW first. 

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