On The Way Up | Episode 4

Mar 1, 2017
On The Way Up
Designed by Kate Johnson

THE WAY DOWN WANDERERS Live Wednesday, March 1st at 1pm

Feb 24, 2017

Join us for this 5-piece modern-folk Americana act from Illinois on Wednesday afternoon. Area shows include Bristol on Monday the 27th and Greer on Wednesday evening.

FRONT COUNTRY Live Friday March 3rd at 11am

Feb 24, 2017

Not one but TWO 5-piece American roots-music-based live acts this week! You'll hear the bluegrass roots at the core of this San Francisco band, but their love for jazz, pop, and others styles shows through, too. They're in Knoxville on Wednesday, Johnson City on Thursday, Charlotte on Saturday, and Asheville on Wednesday the 8th.

Studio B Rewind

Feb 24, 2017

For full promo click on title - Studio B Rewind Producer and Host Kim Clark says WNCW LIVE performance fans are in for a great show Friday, Feb 24th at 6pm. We'll be rewinding it Studio B style and playing music from two bands, both hailing from the Old North State. "We'll be getting into some fantastic regional music from two different directions - both musically and geographically," said Kim Clark.

For full promo click on title - Kim Clark gettin' groovy again Thursday, Feb. 23 on Dig! Our WNCW music host will not only share vintage tunes with us, she'll also fill us in on fabulous background info related to artists featured on this week's show. "You wouldn't know it by the enduring impact of her music, but Bobbie Gentry only got into the Top 40 three times in the 1960s," said Clark. "Ode to Billie Joe" was a smash hit in '67. She also had another great story song and it was her second-biggest hit in late '69." Kim will play that one on tonight's edition of Dig!