Brothers Comatose Visited WNCW

Jun 8, 2016
Brothers Comatose in WNCW's Air Studio on May 26, 2016
Joe Kendrick

Brothers Comatose visited WNCW's air studio on May 26, 2016.  Playback their session and interview with Roland Dierauf.

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Friday Feature: Pollination Celebration

Jun 8, 2016

WNCW's Friday Feature Interview of the Week June 3rd was about the 2016 Pollination Celebration for Western North Carolina.  Guest discussing the event is the Founder and Director of Bee City USA (a pollinator advocate) Phyllis Stiles, who leads the program held in Asheville.  Hear facts about how important pollination is to our environment and a concern about decreasing numbers of honeybees.

Information posted by Paul Foster, host and producer of The Friday Feature Interview of the Week 

More to the Story- Asheville News by Mtn. Xpress

Jun 8, 2016

Thanks to Reporter Dan Hess of Mountain Xpress, this WNCW More To The Story gave listeners the chance to learn about Co-Working Spaces that are benefiting workers in Asheville, upcoming decisions facing Buncombe County Commissioners, and what Buncombe Co. Congressional Primaries might hold (the second  primary by the way).  This interview aired June 1, 2016.

Interview posted by the Host and Producer of More to the Story, Paul Foster - Senior Producer, News Director, and Public Service Coordinator

THE BROADCAST Live Friday, June 10th at 3pm

Jun 6, 2016

Asheville is bountiful with musical riches these days, and The Broadcast is a prime example of that. Caitlin Krisko, Aaron Austin, E'Lon Jordan-Dunlap, Tyler Housholder, and Jaze Uries are rightly proud of their new album From the Horizon, and they take it across the country this summer following their big release show in Asheville Saturday.

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Mark Maryanovich

Visiting the Air Studio on Thursday: Fiddle, guitar, piano, and a strong background in traditional Celtic tunes give these sisters a firm foundation to spring off of. They play West Asheville on Saturday. "With a sound that reflects generations of Nova Scotian fiddlers, and a youthful charm that literally pops out from their recordings, Cassie and Maggie ensure that the true folk ways of their home community reaches the broader world." -Penguin Eggs 

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