Local Color Live on Wednesday, April 30th

Apr 18, 2014

Join Laura Blackley on Wednesday, April 30th for Local Color Live at the Millroom.

Musicians & You-Together Make WNCW!

Apr 17, 2014

Live on Tuesday the 15th at 12: THE ZOMBIES!

Apr 11, 2014

There are a number of surprising and/or mystifying stories surrounding The Zombies.  One is that their most recognized hits did not really get recognized as hits until well after they were released; in fact their biggest hit, "Time of the Season", was not released until after they had broken up.  There's the story of how the constraints and shortfalls surrounding the creation of their 1968 finale Odessey & Oracle in fact helped it become the psychedelic-pop masterpiece that it is considered today.  Then there's the equally unbelievable fact that we get to host keyboardist/songw

Live Friday the 18th at 1pm: ZANSA

Apr 11, 2014

Zansa is a slang word from the Ivory Coast meaning "combination" or "blend". The Asheville musicians are fronted by Adama Dembele, a 33rd generation West African musician who moved to the area and formed the band in 2005.  They return to Studio B before heading to their Friday night show in Asheville, and this time they'll be joined by guitarist Moussa Kone (who tours with Affou Keita). 

The boys from Athens, GA first got their blend of southern rock, blues and jams together some 30 years ago, and they've been laying down grooves and spinning heads ever since.  Hard to believe this album, which was the band's introduction to a lot of Spread-heads due to fairly regular airplay for both "Airplane" and "Cant' Get High", is 20 years old this year.  And hey, happy birthday to lead singer John Bell! 

New Releases Featured This Week April 14th-17th, 2-3pm

Apr 11, 2014

Monday: RAY BONNEVILLE - Easy Gone

Tuesday: RED JUNE - Ancient Dreams

Wednesday: SELDOM SCENE - Long Time

Thursday: RYLEY WALKER - All Kinds of You

The 1980's were not kind to Johnny Cash, musically.  One example: some quality material he recorded in 1981 and '84, with Waylon Jennings, June Carter Cash, Marty Stuart and others, that Columbia Records decided to shelve, perhaps because it just wasn't the sound they were looking for then.  It sure sounds good these days though. What a refreshing surprise to hear these lost recordings finally seeing the light of day, courtesy of Legacy Recordings.  It debuted last month at #3 on the Billboard 200 and #1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums charts, selling 54,000 copies its first week.

Musicians & You-Together Make WNCW!

Apr 11, 2014

Musicians & You-Together Make WNCW!

Apr 11, 2014

Tuesday the 8th at 11am: CHATHAM COUNTY LINE

Apr 4, 2014

Tune in as one of our favorite NC bands visits Martin Anderson with songs from their forthcoming new releases "Tightrope", which was recorded recently in Durham.  They play Johnson City on Friday, and then circle back to the WNCW area for a Charlotte show May 17th.