Friday Feature: Annual Writers Workshop

Mar 22, 2017
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Isothermal Community College is gearing up for its Annual Writer's Workshop and this edition of the Friday Feature Interview of the Week provides discussion with the featured speakers and presenters, Authors Julia Franks and Mary Ann Claud.  The event is April 8th.  This segment originally aired on March 17, 2017.

Posted by Host and Producer of The Friday Feature, WNCW's Paul Foster

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This More to the Story from March 15, 2017 focused on a series of stories by the Charlotte Observer's Ames Alexander about Solitary Confinement for prisoners in Charlotte.  The investigation involved confinement that carried on for over a year for some prisoners. Youth prisoners in solitary confinement and how this might effect their mental state and well-being. Can all cases be justified?

Posted by Host and Producer of WNCW's More To The Story, Paul Foster

On The Way Up
Designed by Kate Johnson

In this episode, we get to a couple of great regional releases, dive into the latest from one of our all-time favorites in Marty Stuart, plus get an ear for the return of iconic indie band The Feelies, and we’ll go back to the early 1970s for a big hit on our “Segue Of The Week”. There’s also the segment “DJ For A Day” where I show a bit of what life behind the microphone is like, this week going back to the Purple Prose theme with a juicy promotional piece to give you a case of the old eye-rolls.

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