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** Before submitting a listing for the Live Music Calendar, please send the information on our Live Music Calendar Questionaire Form to Cathy Walker at or click here.

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WNCW offers Live Music Calendar underwriting packages to concert and event promoters, artists and venues.  The Live Music Calendar is a prerecorded listing of underwriting credits in calendar form acknowledging support received from a business. 

In addition to identifying the business by name, the listing may include the following details: The artists (up to three), official event name, date, time, venue and city. 

Inclusion in the Live Music Calendar is for one 6-day interval. The Live Music Calendar is read a minimum of four times per weekday (Monday – Friday) and on Saturdays between 8 am – 12 am. The calendar is split into two rotating calendars as necessary to adhere to a maximum airtime of four minutes.  When the calendar is split, a listing will air on an alternating basis.

Rate schedules are available for for-profit and non-profit organizations. Please submit requests at least one week prior to the desire airdate to allow for processing of your contract and recording of copy for Live Music Calendar. Contracts must be signed and returned before air date. 

Click here to see the Live Music Calendar Questionaire Form, which you need to send to Cathy Walker at to begin the agreement process of your submission and to determine charges.

You can request more information on Music Event Underwriting on the Live Music Calendar by emailing Cathy Walker  at or at 828-287-8000 ext. 1585.  To have WNCW consider Media Sponsoring your event, see the Media Sponsorship Application.

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For Business Underwriting options, also contact Cathy Walker at or 828-287-8000 ext 1585.

What information you need to send to WNCW to begin getting your calendar listing on the Live Music Calendar and to determine your charges? 

Please send the following information to Cathy Walker at or click here.


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Phone Number:
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(Please no addresses, phone numbers, ticket prices/info or websites - Event Underwriting is available for this information; contact Cathy Walker at or 828-287-8000 ext. 1585.)
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Visa/Master Card/Check Card accepted: Contact Isothermal Community College 828-286-3636 ext. 1451 and speak to Debbie Melton.
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