John Fowler

Music Host

John started as a volunteer radio announcer in the spring of 1995, spinning vinyl and a brand new media, the Compact-Disc. He recalls, “In those days we had, reel-to-reel recorded programs, and guests crowding around the one mic to perform live - all bundled up into a 2 hour live old-time radio show." Now This Old Porch is three hours of top notch programming with up-to-date technology.

“On top of that nothing has changed,” he said.

When John is not playing his favorite traditional tunes on Sunday afternoon he is busy presenting old-time storytelling and music programs at schools, festivals, college's and special events throughout the region. He also conducts folklore research and workshops for grant development projects. John play's a number of old-time instruments including; banjo, fiddle, harmonica, spoons and auto-harp. "I love the old authentic music, the way it used to sound, and I enjoy playing this music when I'm on-the-air".

This Old Porch™

This Old Porch is a show of traditional and regional mountain music, songs and ballads, contemporary old time, dance tunes and more. Folklorist John Fowler and award winning musician Carol Rifkin host this show that keeps the music of the mountains alive.

Thanks to Brooke Lauer from South Carolina, who designed the logo for This Old Porch.